The Waterways is a beautiful tranquil location for people to have a memorial and tribute to their lost love ones. They are a beautiful reminder of the special times spent together and can offer comfort. Below details the dedications available.

Memorial Benches

Scattered throughout the park, the Waterways benches are a traditional lasting memorial and gives you a place to gather your thoughts and reflect.

There is space on the bench for up to two dedication plaques, where a description of your choice can be engraved.

Each bench comes with a ten-year dedication period.

Garden Memorials

The Ornamental Gardens are home to a variety of roses, shrubs and trees. A key part of the park at inception the gardens play a key part in its heritage and can be enjoyed by all.

Due to the nature of the landscape the gardens are a place to pay tribute to a loved one all year around. Adopting a rose, shrub or tree of choice can be a dedication to your memories, with a remembrance plaque with your own wording placed next to it.


For further details and enquiry please contact Property Services on or call 01493 846724.

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